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Your new home most likely will be the greatest financial investment you will make. It  could also be the largest single investment you ever make. For many of us, it is. The wisest decision is to seek a professional, an experienced real estate agent to work with and for you on this important time and money investment.

Get The Listings, Get ALL The Listings

Many agencies had adopted a policy of not supplying Zillow and Trulia with their listings and related data because they feel these portals’ algorithms create incorrect price averaging for some communities. New homes hit the market each day. Trust our auto-drip emailed MLS listings to update you daily.  We will be in constant contact with our buyers when homes hit the market, some not yet even on MLS yet. We will save you your valuable time by insuring you see properties that meet you needs, price point and preferences.

Have a Pro On Your Side

There are two sets of negotiations in every transaction – the purchase price and terms as well as requested repairs. We will insure that when you find that home or property and are ready to make an offer, you have all the right tools to make that decision. We will represent you and work to get you the best possible deal. We will attend inspections and insure that agreed upon repairs have been completed. We handle paperwork, setting up closing, and can provide lender referrals who keep in touch with you to insure there are no surprises.

Get The Inside Stuff

Need demographics for the neighborhood or area, commute times, traffic counts, new road construction planed, new neighborhoods or communities planned nearby, zoning issue or utility news? We live and work here and it’s our job to stay abreast of news and changes within our area.